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Join us and learn from Key Influencers who share their knowledge in a variety of subjects.  Learn from their Master Classes at your own pace or enjoy connecting at any one of our events and sit next to other amazing leaders and share a great meal. Gain insight on some of the latest exciting projects and opportunities that we share in our private newsletter you can subscribe to.  We are all about constant and never ending improvements in all areas of our lives.


Key Influencer Master Class

Welcome to our series of Knowledge Unlocked Master Classes where you learn directly from the best of the best.  We are making available the secrets that Key Influencers have learned in a variety of verticals.  Learn at your own pace and time.

Each Master Class Is Packed With Value

With each Master Class you will receive valuable benefits and credits toward assets you will use with your new found knowledge.  You will get more value than you pay for each Master Class in knowledge and digital goods to make this the best money you have ever spent.

About US


If you are a Key Influencer meaning you have a significant number of followers and create content you are invited to join us and speak on your success. If you are a startup or project and want to present you are the speaker/sponsor and get to speak to Key Influencers who can share your story with their followers. Everyone is invited to connect and learn all about cryptocurrencies, key influencer marketing, and what projects are new and game changers.


Tell your story in an intimate setting where you get 5 minutes to present and 10 minutes of Q&A during dinner along with one on one networking throughout the night. We professionally video tape your pre-meal fireside chat, dinner presentation, and podcast to send out on social media channels and email to our Whaling list.


We pick interesting venues with tasty food so that you enjoy your dinner and the networking is an added bonus. We have hosted dinners at many 5 star venues all over the world from Las Vegas, NYC, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malta, and many more.  We look forward to you joining us at our next dinner and engaging with our Key Influencer Dinner Club community on our social platforms.



What People are Saying

“Worth it for a flyby? Hell yeah!”

I’d say go. I’ve been to one and literally did an overnight trip to Vegas for it.



“Got a lot of insight”

If you’re a newbie, you can get up to speed fast.

Jeff Mills

“Absolutely amazing”

The best part is getting to meet other crypto enthusiasts and getting info about ICOs I would’ve never known about.



“You meet like-minded people in Crypto”

The food and networking is a great combo.

Dr. Tom Adams

“I got early access to projects which was invaluable”

We got into projects at the beginning like the whales do and it paid off big time.

John Marcus

“The best event we did bar none”

My talk was put on video by a professional team that got us amazing social media value and delivered our story to millions.

Trevor Koverko – Polymath 

Key Influencer Dinner Club World Tour


Cost and Benefits of Sponsorships

Number of RSVP’s

Cost in BTC

Dinner RSVP’s determine sponsorship costs


10 - 20 RSVP's

0.2 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

21 - 40 RSVP's


.4 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

41 - 70 RSVP's


1.8 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

71 - 99 RSVP's


1.4 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

100 – 140 RSVP's



All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

140 - 200 RSVP's


3.9 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

201 - 350 RSVP's


5.4 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

* All events are priced based on RSVP’s, ticket sales, promo tickets given away via media partners, and whale tickets. Any shortfall in attendance due to weather or other issues will be made good on future events yet no refunds are given as our costs are fixed for each event based on sponsorship.


Benefits of Sponsorship

What you get for sponsoring and presenting.

5 Minutes of Presenting & 10 minutes of Q&A

Present for 5 minutes in a private dinner setting to all attendees and then engage the room with 10 minutes of Q&A. We will create a video of your talk so you can have it for social media and marketing use. In addition, we will distribute your video once edited to all our social media channels and to our whaling list.


Professional Video Content

We have a professional video & audio crew that takes video of your pre-meal interview along with your presentation and Q&A for social media use after the dinner…The average cost to create a 2-minute professional video with a video crew, sound engineer, and post editing team runs anywhere from $5,000 USD – $20,000 USD. We give you two videos, a getting to know you video along with a presentation video with audience Q&A.


Targeted Social Media Advertising

Once you have your presentation video done you can “Boost” your video on FB and let people hear your message. Our videos are designed to be educational which is the best thing about using FB to reach supporters.


Email Our Key Influencer Community

In addition, we email your videos out to our email list of whales to give you more reach than just the people you present to at the event.  Current list size is over 2,000 verified crypto whales that have sent dust from a wallet address that holds over $1MM in crypto in it to get their verified status.


Media Interviews

We invite media to our dinners to do interviews and cover our sponsors and talks.  You get time with these media sources that attend.


Professional Coaching

Our team of professionals will prepare you for your presentation so that you deliver it amazingly well. Chris Champion and Israel Idonije are world class public speakers to coach you. We want you to be the best you can be when delivering your presentation that leave our whales and guppies wanting more so that they join your community and get the information they crave.


A Personal Host

You will have a personal host from the beginning of your engagement to help you get media introductions, be there to introduce you to whales, help with any personal needs or requests, and be there every step of the way to make sure you are successful in achieving your goals. We are here for you from the start to well beyond the dinner to be a partner you can rely on for anything you need to help your project succeed. We are in this relationship for the long haul and look to work hard for you to get you what you need when you need it, just ask us.



Chris Champion

Founder | Host

Israel Idonije

Founder | Host

Tai Lopez


Alex Mehr

Founder | Host

Justin Wu


Satoshi Nakamoto

Founder | Host

Justin Lee

Founder | Host

Vanessa Brist


Leeroy Pena

Founder | Host

Jason King


Adam Koltun


Sherman Wellons

AV Crew

Ryan Hurtgen

Sound Engineer

Jordan Lambert

Videographer & Deep Thinker

Sarah Haywood

VIP Host & Flower Child

Jesse James

Head of Security & Bone Collector

“Crypto” Daniel Kiani

LA Host

Darren Marble

Speaker & Host

Daphne Pena


Sarah Austin


Jacob Crosby

VIP Host & Crypto Analyst

John Andrade

Chicago Speaker & Host

Jeremy Gardner

Speaker & Free Thinker

Brock Pierce

Speaker & Ambassador of Global Goodwill & Love

Dylan Fuggit

VIP Host & Media Genius

Hartej Sawhney

VIP Host & Security Speaker

Trey Martinez

Video Production & Host

Jas Singh

VIP Host & Generally Good Guy

Larron Armstead

VIP Host & Sushi Connoisseur

Brian Eikenberry

VIP Host & Marine


Podcast Host, Rapper, &  Speaker

Isaiah Jackson

Speaker & Author Bitcoin & Black America.

Vinny Lingham

Speaker, Founder of Civic, & Crypto OG

Euna Jee

Los Angeles VIP Host

Chris Groshong

VIP Host & DJ

Brand Partners

Media Partners

Contact Us To Become A Media Partner With Exclusive Access To Our Content

Chef and Kitchen Showcase

As we travel the world doing dinner events at some of the finest restaurants around we take a minute to showcase some of the most talented chefs in their favorite environment the kitchen. Enjoy watching our hosts learn from these talented chefs how to make their amazing trademark meals right from inside their very one kitchens.


If your restaurant and chef would like to be showcased here are the costs and what we deliver:

1BTC We put together a professionally edited video with our hosts and your chef in your kitchen to be used as you see fit.  We distribute that video to our followers on social media and you can use this video to promote your restaurant on social media using paid campaigns.


Social Media

Key Influencer Dinner Club

Social Channels