Private Dinners and Crypto Social Gatherings

The Crypto Dinner Club holds events all over the globe to bring together whales, guppies, & ICO’s in the hopes that people will enjoy a great meal & learn

Event Reservations

About US


If you are a “Whale” meaning you can send dust from a crypto wallet with $1MM+ in crypto in that wallet you are invited to join us for free. If you are an ICO and want to present you are the sponsor. Everyone else is invited to connect and learn all about cryptocurrencies and what is new and hot.


ICO’s present your offering in an intimate setting where you get 5 minutes to present and 10 minutes of Q&A during dinner and one on one networking throughout the night. Do an air drop using and reach up to 200,000 crypto investors via their correlating email.

Good Food & Great Times

We pick interesting venues with tasty food so that you enjoy your dinner and the networking is an added bonus. Plus we make leveling up fun with pins you can earn just by showing off your crypto success. Everything from a guppy pin to a 10 bag whale pin that shows you are a whale with over $10MM+ in crypto.


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Dine, Network, Engage, Develop, and Grow



What People are Saying

“Worth it for a flyby? Hell yeah!”

I’d say go. I’ve been to one and literally did an overnight trip to Vegas for it.


@pctraders on Telegram

“Got a lot of insight”

If you’re a newbie, you can get up to speed fast.

Jeff Mills

“Absolutely amazing”

Best part is getting to meet other crypto enthusiasts and getting info about ICOs I would’ve never known about.

Freddy Lenna 

Chief Product Officer | CryptoBilly

“You meet like-minded people in Crypto”

The food and networking is a great combo.

Dr. Tom Adams

Don’t Miss

Crypto Dinner Club For Whales and Guppies Tour

March 22     Chicago, Illinois

March 28     San Jose, California

April 19        Santa Monica, California


Cost and Benefits of Sponsorships

Number of Attendees 

Cost in BTC

Dinner sizes determine sponsorship costs


10-20 Attendees

0.2 BTC

All sponsorships are paid in BTC or other crypto agreed upon in advance.

21-40 Attendees

(0.5 BTC)

One half of a bitcoin covers the cost of sponsorship for this event

41- 70 Attendees

0.7 BTC

Seven-tenths of a bitcoin covers the cost of sponsorship for this event

71-100 Attendees


One bitcoin covers the cost of sponsorship for this event

100 – 140 Attendees

1.3 BTC

One point three bitcoin covers the cost of sponsorship for this event

140-200 Attendees

2.0 BTC

2 bitcoin cover the cost of sponsorship for this event.

201-300 Attendees

3.0 BTC

3 bitcoin cover the cost of sponsorship for this event.

Benefits of Sponsorship

What you get for sponsoring and presenting.


5 Minutes of Presenting & 10 minutes of Q&A

Present for 5 minutes in a private dinner setting to all attendees and then engage the room with 10 minutes of Q&A. We will provide video of your talk so you can have it for social media and marketing use. In addition, we will distribute your video once edited to all our social media channels and to our mailing list.


Complimentary Smart AirDrop from Tokei

Tokei will do a complimentary Smart AirDrop of your tokens using its email list and any email list you want to send to for up to 1,000. You supply the tokens and the gas while they set up the Smart AirDrop Contract for you at no charge. This is a great way to effectively build your community using your own tokens.


Professional Video Content

We have a professional video crew that takes video of your pre-meal interview and your presentation and Q&A for social media use after the dinner…


Facebook & Email Video Distribution

Once you have your presentation video done you can “Boost” your video on FB and let people hear your message. Our videos are designed to be educational which is the best thing about using FB to reach supporters. In addition, we email your videos out to our email list of whales to give you more reach than just the people you present to at the event.


Media Interviews

We invite media to our dinners to do interviews and cover our sponsors and talks.  You get time with these media sources that attend.



Chris Champion

Founder | Host

Israel Idonije

Founder | Host

Tai Lopez


Howard Marks


Alex Mehr

Founder | Host

Ryan Mundy

Founder | Host

Alex Babeshkin

Founder | Host

Jimmy Duffey

Founder | Producer

Vanessa Brist


Justin Wu


Ben Duffey

Founder | Producer

Leeroy Pena

Founder | Host

Justin Lee

Founder | Host

Adam Koltun


Euna Jee



Coming Soon

Chef and Kitchen Showcase

As we travel the world doing dinner events at some of the finest restaurants around we take a minute to showcase some of the most talented chefs in their favorite environment the kitchen. Enjoy watching our hosts learn from these talented chefs how to make their amazing trademark meals right from inside their very one kitchens.


If your restaurant and chef would like to be showcased here are the costs and what we deliver:

1BTC We put together a professionally edited video with our hosts and your chef in your kitchen to be used as you see fit.  We distribute that video to our followers on social media and you can use this video to promote your restaurant on social media using paid campaigns.


Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

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